Fun Math Games for Kids
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Math + Games = Fun + Learning

(The Secret Formula for the 21st Century Math Classroom)

Are you a math teacher looking for a way to get your students engaged and excited about learning math?

My Elementary and Middle School Math Games are a fun and challenging context in which students interact cooperatively or competitively to achieve a defined goal within a specified set of circumstances while learning or practising math skills.

Math games are a great tool to involve parents, guardians, siblings and other important people in the child’s life. It is a great way to facilitate the home and school connection..
"Mathematics should be fun."
-- Peter J. Hilton

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"I have used many of your activities in our SES math tutoring program. We have students from grades 3 through 8, and offer small group and individual instruction. Not only are your activities motivating for the students, they are easily adaptable for skill level as well as applications. "
-- Cindy Price - Supplemental Education Services Coordinator
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Math Apps

Consider being capable of getting kids doing math and savoring it whilst their self confidence expands everyday. It really is a Perfect 21st Century Math Center.

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Printable Games

that get boys and girls looking forward to doing math! Picture being able to have kids pleading to practice mathematics.

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Physical Product

Shipped to your door. Saving you hours and hours of preparation time in printing-cutting-laminating this fun fraction game.

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A Perfect 21st Century Math Center Where Student Work is Reported to You.

"The game is fabulous. This is truly the future of centers in the classroom." Read more...

A Perfect 21st Century Math Center

These Math Games, for iOS, are designed to match the needs and communicative styles of the 21st century students. These math apps provide progress reports that make assessment easy for teachers and parents. This makes it easy to monitor student progress and learning.

My Math Games are aimed for elementary and middle school level students, and they focus on key concepts of mathematics such as Order of operations, fractions, ordered fractions, and ordered pairs.

It has been scientifically proven that students learn best when they are having fun. Math Games provide that fun through interactive games and activities, which students can complete individually or in small or large groups. The students are engaged and learning, and their progress is easily monitored.

Fun Math Games & Cool Math Activities for Kids

  • Math Games in a Bag
    Math Games in a Bag
    The Best Way to Help Your Child Master Math Concepts at Home A growing number of children no longer memorize their addition facts or multiplication tables. With the math curriculum as broad as it is, teachers simply are not able to find the time to ensure that...
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  • Digit Widgets - Divisibility Activity
    Digit Widgets – Divisibility Activity
    Begin by creating “flash cards” with the numbers 1-9 written on them. You will want a very large bowl with these. Mix them up thoroughly. Now divide your classroom into sets of partners or groups with three students each. Each group will come up to the bowl...
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  • What "stupid" mistakes have you seen in math class?
    What “stupid” mistakes have you seen in math class?
    What "stupid" mistakes have you seen in math class? (comment and share below) Dana Garner While in college, I worked for the math department. Many times I would get the same answer for this question that asked "what do you think..." (answer should be their opinion). Students...
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  • Find the Number - become familiar with the rules for divisibility
    Find the Number – become familiar with the rules for divisibility
    Now that students have become familiar with the rules for divisibility, offer them another challenge. Divide the class up into groups and give them this problem: In the next 15 minutes they must write down as many numbers as possible that they think can be divided by...
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  • Playing with Percents
    Playing with Percents
    When students first learn percents it’s difficult for them to understand the concept. Using mental math is a great way to get them used to the idea of what percents are all about before they have to tackle much more complicated percent problems. Remind them that 50%...
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  • Online Math Games VS Printable Math Games
    Online Math Games VS Printable Math Games
    Online math games can play a useful role in helping kids learn, but they aren't the only game in town and they shouldn't be used to the exclusion of older methods, such as card games, dice games and printable math games. For many people, but especially kids,...
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  • One-Step Equation Soup
    One-Step Equation Soup
    When students first start learning equation solving, you want them to get a feeling for how to balance equations by using opposite operations. For example, in one-step equations if the original operation is addition, you’ll use subtraction to solve the equation. Write the following operations and numbers...
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