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Focus on Fractions – ULTIMATE Fraction Resource


Finding fun and exciting ways to teach fractions can be a challenge for teachers and parents alike. Practicing relentless drills and math worksheets is boring and does not add to learning. Using fraction games and activities, like the ones in the Ultimate Fraction Bundle, can make learning […]

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Focus on Measurement – ULTIMATE Resource!


  Focus On Measurement I think teaching measurement should be fun because there are so many real world questions kids ask every day that are answered using the vocabulary and concepts of measurement. How big am I? How tall? How much do I weigh? How about her? They […]

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Focus on Mental Math – ULTIMATE Resource!

Mental Math Image

Mental Math Mental math resources aren’t always easy to find. That’s where this bundle is ready to help (here’s the TPT link). This collection of 25 games and activities is perfect for helping students break away from the pencil and calculator and start doing math all in […]

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Focus On Integers – ULTIMATE Resource!

Focus on Integers logo

Who Needs Help with Integers? Math is fun and we have just the tools to prove it! Are you looking for a new way, a fun way to help your students master the wonderful world of integers? Well, look no further. From easy and challenging to adding […]

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Focus On Geometry – ULTIMATE Resource!


Focus On Geometry is an excellent new resource of fun geometry games to help children in 2nd through 8th grades learn and understand geometry in a fun and memorable way. Perfect for teachers, tutors and homeschooling parents, Focus On Geometry offers 28 different geometry games and activities. […]

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Focus On Place Value – ULTIMATE Resource!

Focus On Place Value Final2

ULTIMATE Resource for Place Value Games & Activities Focus on Place Value bundle is a downloadable bundle of 28 games and activities to teach place value for kids in second to sixth grade. An excellent resource for teachers and homeschooling parents, Focus on Place Value can help students to understand […]

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Focus on Solving Equation Games & Activities – ULTIMATE Resource!

Solving Equation

ULTIMATE Resource for Solving Equation Games, Activities, Worksheets & Posters/Anchor Charts WHAT’S INCLUDED IN THIS BUNDLE: – 31 Solving Equations games and activities – Big Bundle of Algebra Mazes/Worksheets – 15 Solving Equations Poster/Anchor Chart with Cards for Students BUNDLE Buy it nowSell digital downloads *Order your […]

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Multiplication with numbers between 0 and 12 (Fun Worksheets / Mazes)

Multiplication with numbers between 0 and 12

Buy it nowSell digital downloads(or get it on TPT here) Download a free sample (4 mazes with answer sheet) here, NO email optin required Multiplication rules are important for students to memorize, but practicing these can be a bore; these 55 mazes/worksheets (vertical and horizontal so a […]

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Grid Lines – Coordinate Grid Game

Grid Lines

Download this Game FREE and File it Away for Later! (NO EMAIL Opt-in Required) Grid Lines is a game of chance that depends on the roll of three dice. The red die tells the player how far from the origin his or her point is along the […]

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The Scale of Probability – Poster/Anchor Chart with Cards for Students

The Scale of Probability256

Click here to download a FREE PDF/JPEG version of this POSTER to file away for later! A probability Poster/anchor chart to put on your Math Vocabulary board to use as a reference. This probability poster is easily downloadable. It comes equipped with a board size (8.5X11) poster/anchor […]

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Alphabet Soup – Probability Activity

Alphabet Soup

Click here to download a FREE PDF version of this game to file away for later! Begin by creating a set of cards with one letter of the alphabet on each card. Have the letters identified as vowels and consonants. Put the cards inside a glass fishbowl […]

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Pythagorean Rules: Pythagorean Theorem Math Game

Pythagorean Rules

Download this Game FREE and File it Away for Later! (NO EMAIL Optin Required) “Like that activity is short and can be done without taking the whole class period. Good lesson for differentiation.” – Colleen S. “Used this for a station activity. Very easy for my 8th […]

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Learn Maths With Legos

Learn Maths with Legos

Download the PDF of this article to file away for later (click here) One of the hardest things to do in homeschooling is to get the children to focus on the mathematics lessons. Math can be annoying when it uses the same approach every day. There are […]

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WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE TIME FILLER MATH ACTIVITY? These teacher-tested math time fillers are great classroom activities to have in your back pocket. If you have a few spare moments in your day, try using one of our math time-filler activities! If you would like to share […]

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The Best Way to Help Your Child Master Math Concepts at Home

The Best Way1

A growing number of children no longer memorize their addition facts or multiplication tables. With the math curriculum as broad as it is, teachers simply are not able to find the time to ensure that students understand the basic facts (sad, but true). Parents or guardians are […]

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Ultimate Place Value Games Resource Roundup

Focus On Place Value Final2

FREE Place Value Games the Ultimate Resource Roundup With the release of my Focus on Place Value Bundle, I also wanted to share with you some of the other amazing teachers that have created some very fun place value games that will also help you in teaching Place […]

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Dividing Fractions With Models {Poster and Cards}

Dividing Fractions With Models

Dividing Fractions With Models {Poster and Cards} Poster/Anchor Chart with Cards for Students A anchor chart to put on your Math Vocabulary board to use as a reference. Along with cards to use as bookmarks for a quick reference. Also included is a 24inch x 36inch (poster size) […]

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