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Divisibility Challenge

Submitted by Jean

Divisibility Challenge

You need:

  • 2 Players
  • A die labelled 1 to 6
  • A calculator

How to Play:
Player A rolls the die and records the number.

Player B rolls the die.
Player B adds a digit to Player A circle number so that the new number is divisible by the number rolled.
Player A uses a calculator to check.

Player A rolls the die.
Player A adds a digit to the 2-digit number so that the new number is divisible by the number rolled.
Player B uses a calculator to check.

Players continue to take turns until a number formed is not divisible by the number rolled.

Player A rolls a 3.
Player B rolls a 2. Player B adds a circle 4 to 3 & to form 34, which is divisible by 2.
Player A rolls a 4. Player A adds a circle 8 to 34 & to form the number 348, which is divisible by 4.
Play continues.

Collaborate with us to make this game even better. If you have used this math game before please comment below letting everyone know how it went and any recommendations or adaptations you would do or make to the game to help others play the game more effectively.

Some Questions to get the collaborating going:

  • What age group is this best for or how could it be adapted for a different age?
  • Could you help make it even more clear (so a child/student could understand it)?
  • How can it be adapted to teach a different math skill?

Please comment and add anything to this post that you think would benefit others.

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