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Math Giveaways

April Math Giveaway

 CLICK HERE TO ENTER FIVE lucky winners will be chosen to receive my Focus On Fractions Series Ultimate Package PLUS there might be “more” being added to the pot as the month progresses 🙂 ALSO Contributing to this Giveaway: Chandra Martin from PowerPoint Gaming is sharing Find the Star – Multiplying 3 Digit

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TPT Gift Card Giveaway March

In honour of my favourite number – Pi
I’m having a giveaway 🙂
ONE lucky winners will be chosen to receive a $25 TpT Gift Certificate to be used to purchase any resources for their classroom (hopefully a math resources) PLUS they will also receive a copy of my Focus On Integer Series Ultimate Package!!

and THREE more teachers/parents will win just my Focus On Integer Series Ultimate Package ($25 Value)

in total there will be 4 winners chosen at random on Pi day (March 14)!

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