Fun Math Games for Kids
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Volume Games

Discovering Volume {Measurement Activity}

Students will need a large number of 1” cubes (wooden or plastic), a collection of various sizes of boxes (cereal, tea, crackers, etc.), rulers, pencils and paper.

Put students into pairs and give each pair two different sized boxes. Students will use the cubes to measure volume. This is a great way to introduce a unit on volume. Students will follow these directions projected on the overhead screen:

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So Very Close: Volume & Displacement Game

So Very Close

The So Very Close! Game is almost a science experiment. Kids take different objects, place them in water inside a graduated cylinder, and then they measure how much water each object displaces. It’s a good idea to have students work on a surface where if water spills

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Boxes: Finding Volume Game


The Boxes Game helps kids tie together a formula for volume, with a 2-D representation of the rectangular prism, with an actual 3-D prism built with hexa-link cubes. This game offers students an opportunity to understand the concept of volume more fully.They’re actually taking the space that

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