Fun Math Games for Kids
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Subtraction Games

Would you try this with your students?

I asked over on my Facebook page (Here, Here & again Here) if anyone would try this method with their students, and the responses were very interesting. I’ve included some of the comments below. I would love to hear what you think, leave a comment on this

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Mental Stretch

Here’s a fun game that you can play with the students in your classroom to get their mental juices going! Begin with a simple whole number like 5. Then start giving the students operations that they should perform in their heads. Use a variety of all four operations and make sure the directions you give will yield whole numbers.

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Fishin’ Subtraction: Basic Subtraction Facts Game

Download this math game on Play starts with the player to the left of the dealer and move to the left. When it is his turn, a player asks the player on his right for a card with a specific difference. For example, he may say,

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Old Maid Math

Old Maid Math (Get all 4 games in one package for 50% off) Number of Players: Two to six This math file folder game set includes practice in addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Have fun practicing addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division facts with your students in a

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Slapping: Addition & Subtraction Game

Slapping: Addition & Subtraction Game 34 Pages Buy this Game on TeachersPayTeachers – $4 Rules: Before play starts the player agree on the sum that will be the key number. For example they might agree that 7 will be the key number. Addition Key Numbers: 6, 7,

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Math Bowling


Math Bowling Submitted by Margaret This is a great go-to game anytime you have a few minutes to fill.  It can be played as a whole class game or with 2 or more students grouped in their seats. Write out the numbers 1-10 in a triangular shape

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Submitted by Kristina PIG Students work in pairs with dice that go up to 6.  The oldest student goes first.  Student A rolls the 3 die first, and using addition, subtraction, multiplication and division tries to make the largest number possible. Largest number wins the round. Second round

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Foam Dice: Adding Subtracting and Multiplying

Use 2-6 dice, we roll the dice and choose an operation to complete. I have a set of foam dice that I will toss to different people we will call out the number to that one and write on the board then toss the other one write

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