Fun Math Games for Kids
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Statistics Games

Mean, Median, Mode, and Range

Submitted by Natalia Mean, Median, Mode, and Range Premake packages of playing cards with ten or so cards in each. Ask the students to order the cards from least to greatest. They must then find the mean, median, mode, and range for their set of numbers. Kings

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Frog Olympics

Submitted by Kristin Frog Olympics Have students create an origami frog, and then create a frog track meet. Each student will need to have their frog do long jumps, triple jumps and high jumps. Students can practice taking the measurements, and then calculate the mean, median, mode,

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Mean, Median, Mode Mania

Submitted by: Wendy Using a deck of cards with only the number cards, deal each student 5 (6 or 7) cards. Students are asked to find the mean, median or mode (depending on what you are studying or leaders choice). Scores are generated by the number of

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Basketball Statistics

Submitted by Robin While we are studying converting fractions to decimals to percents (or during March Madness for a review), I wad up a paper “ball.”  I then put a small box on a table at the front of my classroom (a garbage can works great).  Students

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