Fun Math Games for Kids
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Math Flashcard Games

Around the World {Math Game}

Around the World: Great for 3rd and 4th grade but also can be adapted for other grades. MATERIALS: large flash cards Two Player Instructions: Have a speed race to see who can go “around the world” with the most points. Each child starts with zero points. Show

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Quiz, Quiz, Trade

Quiz, Quiz, Trade Math Flashcard Review Game   Submitted by: Amanda I hand out flash cards to each student. They find a student, ask each other the question, then trade cards. This way they are studying all the cards available, while also talking to everyone.

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Math Flash Cards

Submitted by Becky When practicing flash cards with my own children, I usually get out 4 quarters (you can use anything as a reward). We go through the stack of cards and if he gets the answer correct, he gets the card for his pile. If he

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Review Cards

Submitted by Kelly Use for review, vocabulary, etc. Create review cards (approximately 3×2) with a question on one side and the answer on the other. Each student will receive a card and will raise their hand to find a partner. Once a partner is found, they high

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