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Integer Math Games

Focus On Integers – ULTIMATE Resource!

Who Needs Help with Integers? Math is fun and we have just the tools to prove it! Are you looking for a new way, a fun way to help your students master the wonderful world of integers? Well, look no further. From easy and challenging to adding

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Integer Addition: Integer Game

Integer Addition

The Integer Addition Game does something very interesting. It uses the red cards for a negative value and the black cards for a positive value. This is a great strategy since the phrase “in the red” means a company is losing money and the phrase “in the

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Integer War

Integer War Download a pdf file and save this game for later (FREE) This is a great way to reinforce what an integer is and help the students to quickly realize how to solve and answer integer problems. Plus a integer game is a better way to

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Checker Math

checker math

Submitted by Susan Checker Math I like to use a light weight checkerboard game. On each of the squares I write an integer ( if I want the game to involve integers), or a decimal, or a fraction. When the student plays checkers he/she must add, subtract,

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Working with Integers

Submitted by Susan Working with Integers Student rolls 5 integer dice. Then either: writes down the face integers in order, or adds them multiplies them Student who has the most done correctly within a given span of time is the winner.

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Integer War Game

Submitted by Era Integer War Game Objectives: In this lesson, students will: Learn how to add integers (2 or more integers together) Learn how to subtract integers Learn how to multiply integers Session time: (50 minutes) but can be continued for several days introducing new concepts Materials: One

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Integer Operations

Submitted by: Brenda Have students work in pairs. The students draw a card (there should be cards in the file folder with target numbers on each). The number that the card suggests is now the goal. One student rolls the die (can use 3-4 dice). The idea

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FACE-OFF! An Integer Card Game

Submitted by Adrea What you need: 3X5 note cards (50) Markers Scissors What you Do: Cut 3X5 cards in half. Divide equally so both players have 50 cards. Write integers from 0 through 20 on each set of cards (remember to use positive and negative numbers). Shuffle

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