Fun Math Games for Kids
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Divisibility Games

Digit Widgets – Divisibility Activity

Begin by creating “flash cards” with the numbers 1-9 written on them. You will want a very large bowl with these. Mix them up thoroughly. Now divide your classroom into sets of partners or groups with three students each. Each group will come up to the bowl

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Find the Number – become familiar with the rules for divisibility

Now that students have become familiar with the rules for divisibility, offer them another challenge. Divide the class up into groups and give them this problem: In the next 15 minutes they must write down as many numbers as possible that they think can be divided by

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Divisibility Rules: Divisibility Games

Divisibility Rules

Divisibility Rules are quite interesting and when you add in a game with cards then kids learn them even faster. The first two cards turned over in the game determine a two-digit number that will be the base for this game. There’s always a slim chance that

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Divisibility Challenge

Submitted by Jean Divisibility Challenge You need: 2 Players A die labelled 1 to 6 A calculator How to Play: Player A rolls the die and records the number. Player B rolls the die. Player B adds a digit to Player A circle number so that the

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