Fun Math Games for Kids
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Math Games

Inequality Crack (Solve One-Step Inequalities Game)

“My students had fun playing! Thank you.” – Laura Crispin Objective: To solve one-step inequalities [6.EE.B.5] Materials: Inequality sheet, deck of cards, six-sided die, writing materials, paperclips and markers for game board Players: 2 to 3 players Rules: 1.The objective of the game is to solve one-step

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Puzzling Order an Order of Operations Game/Puzzle

“Excellent resource” – Robin K. Objective: To apply the basic rules on the order of operations (PEMDAS). [5.OA.A.1] [6.EE.A.2c] Materials: Puzzling Order puzzle Players: Minimum of 2 players (work in groups or teams) Rules: The objective of the game is to properly evaluate expressions by applying the

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Math Games in a Bag

The Best Way to Help Your Child Master Math Concepts at Home A growing number of children no longer memorize their addition facts or multiplication tables. With the math curriculum as broad as it is, teachers simply are not able to find the time to ensure that

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Digit Widgets – Divisibility Activity

Begin by creating “flash cards” with the numbers 1-9 written on them. You will want a very large bowl with these. Mix them up thoroughly. Now divide your classroom into sets of partners or groups with three students each. Each group will come up to the bowl

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Find the Number – become familiar with the rules for divisibility

Now that students have become familiar with the rules for divisibility, offer them another challenge. Divide the class up into groups and give them this problem: In the next 15 minutes they must write down as many numbers as possible that they think can be divided by

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Playing with Percents

When students first learn percents it’s difficult for them to understand the concept. Using mental math is a great way to get them used to the idea of what percents are all about before they have to tackle much more complicated percent problems. Remind them that 50%

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One-Step Equation Soup

When students first start learning equation solving, you want them to get a feeling for how to balance equations by using opposite operations. For example, in one-step equations if the original operation is addition, you’ll use subtraction to solve the equation. Write the following operations and numbers

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Let’s Go Shopping

Part 1 Get some simple toys or plastic objects and create some post-it price tags for them. For example, for the toy giraffe you could write the label as (g) = $.50 and for the toy boat you could use (b) = $.30. At this point, they

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My Class is Gifted in Multiplication

Multiplication Illustrated in 4 Ways: Comment below and share how you like teaching (illustrating, modeling…) multiplication with your students. Bronwyn Stewart – “We use a ‘Thinkboard’ similar to the one in the post. I teach Year 2 and we fold our paper like in the pic (from

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Factoring Quadratics

Solving quadratic equations is difficult for students but before they even start they must understand the underpinnings of factoring. A graphic organizer can help them to try different factor pairs and keep their work clear and meaningful. Here’s an example of how to use a chart or

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