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Foam Dice: Adding Subtracting and Multiplying

Use 2-6 dice, we roll the dice and choose an operation to complete. I have a set of foam dice that I will toss to different people we will call out the number to that one and write on the board then toss the other one write that number on the board then choose an operation for the class to complete. We do this as a class if we have a few minutes before going to an elective.

1.5 Inch Jumbo Foam Playing Dice (24) 1.5 Inch Jumbo Foam Playing Dice (24)
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fun toy can be used at real game playing dices or as decoration


  • This jumbo playing dice is a great fun and party toy and decoration,
  • Comes in assorted colors measures 1.5 square inch,
  • Made of foam,

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