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How Homework Should Really Look (If we can’t get rid of it let’s change it!)

icon 5 Dice

When I had the 5 dice game to the point of beta testing, my first app that I created. To see how user friendly my new app was, I had to find a somewhat technologically illiterate guinea pig so I asked my father to play the game.

Once he got the hang of how to play the game, I decided to connect another device using Bluetooth/Wifi and performed some one on one testing by having my 8 year old play the game against my dad.

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Tangram Chess: Transformation Games

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Tangram Chess: Transformation Games (Cost: $1.99) Tangram Chess For Kids, Translations (slides), Rotations (turns) and Reflections (flips). Every game of Tangram Chess has its own story. Some are long-drawn out strategic affairs; others can be quick, but complicated, tactical battles. The winner is the player who can […]

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Incorporating Math Apps into Guided Math


How to “Spice Up” the Concept of Order of Operations 5 Dice-Sample Lesson Guest Post By: Melanie Kross – K12 Educator It is well known among educators today that the most effective way to increase math achievement for students of all grade levels is through the use […]

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5 Dice (App)

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