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Multiplication Games

Multiplication with numbers between 0 and 12 (Fun Worksheets / Mazes)

Multiplication with numbers between 0 and 12

Buy it nowSell digital downloads(or get it on TPT here) Download a free sample (4 mazes with answer sheet) here, NO email optin required Multiplication rules are important for students to memorize, but practicing these can be a bore; these 55 mazes/worksheets (vertical and horizontal so a […]

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Mental Stretch


Here’s a fun game that you can play with the students in your classroom to get their mental juices going! Begin with a simple whole number like 5. Then start giving the students operations that they should perform in their heads. Use a variety of all four operations and make sure the directions you give will yield whole numbers.

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Arithmetic War

arithmetic war

The object of the game is to win as many cards as possible from the other players. The game ends when one player has all of the cards, or, if that does not happen, when a predetermined time limit expires. To play the game, each player turns […]

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Old Maid Math


Old Maid Math (Get all 4 games in one package for 50% off) Number of Players: Two to six This math file folder game set includes practice in addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Have fun practicing addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division facts with your students in a […]

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Slapping: Multiplication & Division Game

Slapping game - multiplication division3

Slapping: Multiplication & Division Buy this Game on TeachersPayTeachers – $4 Number of Players Two Number of Pages 34 Materials Twelve sets of four cards. In each set the four cards show basic multiplication & division combinations for the same product/quotient. Rules: Before play starts the player agree […]

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Multiplication War

Multiplication War

Submitted by: Becky and also Amanda Multiplication War Use a regular deck of cards and divide them up evenly among two players (like war). (but you could play with more players, it would be more challenging) Players both flip a card over at the same time and multiple […]

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Inflatable Cube Math Game

Inflatable Cube Math

Submitted by Keri Using an inflatable cube, write 6 numbers on each side. Toss the inflatable cube and catch it with two hands. Whatever two numbers your hands are on, you have to multiply the numbers or add whichever you are working with. I teach special ed. […]

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Math Bowling


Math Bowling Submitted by Margaret This is a great go-to game anytime you have a few minutes to fill.  It can be played as a whole class game or with 2 or more students grouped in their seats. Write out the numbers 1-10 in a triangular shape […]

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Multiplication Trashket Ball

Submitted by Cherie Multiplication Trashket Ball Using a trash can as a target Students use popcorn method to call out multiplication problems to one another. Students figure out difficult problems on the board when they get the correct answer they take a shot. Easy problems are figured […]

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Submitted by Kristina PIG Students work in pairs with dice that go up to 6.  The oldest student goes first.  Student A rolls the 3 die first, and using addition, subtraction, multiplication and division tries to make the largest number possible. Largest number wins the round. Second round […]

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